Sunday, October 19, 2008

Why, More Each Day, I Will Never Vote Republican.

I grew up in a very white, homogeneous, upper-middle-class suburb of Chicago.

We didn't know anyone of a different race. The few other kids in school who weren't white were ... well, different. Not bad, but not us. We always figured they had their own friends, their own activities, their own lives. Different from ours. But we weren't all that curious. They weren't the same as us.

My family, like most others there, was Republican. I didn't have the slightest idea what that meant, but I figured I was a Republican, too.

It's funny now, thinking back to racist comments my oldest brother made once, how my Mom was so angry with him. We absolutely were not raised to be racist - but, knowing nothing else, I didn't understand why she would be upset that he talked about the differences between us and, well ... them. Those other people who had their own lives far removed from us, who didn't know anything about us, either.

In my adult life, I realized that my beliefs and ideals more closely aligned with the Democratic party. And, even more so, that I agreed with liberal ideals. But it's been in the last eight years that I've realized that I could never, EVER vote Republican. Because contrary to the party that my parents believed in, the GOP has swerved away from its' core ideals to the extreme right-wing, ultra-conservative, narrow-minded stereotype of what is the complete opposite of me.

This video epitomizes why I will never, ever, EVER vote Republican ... you can say this is the fringe, the extremists, the uneducated masses, the over-the-top right wing that isn't a true measure of the GOP. But increasingly, this has become the public persona of that party, and the current administration and hopeful candidates are doing nothing to stop that. It is ignorance, and hatred, racism, and egocentricism - and just plain stupidity. This is what I will always, ALWAYS vote against:


LSL said...

I'm so glad you wrote this. My only awareness of politics when I was younger was a friend who's dad was a Republican Rep for the state. We went doorbelling for him once and, after hearing her trash Democrats, (we were in third grade), I remember asking what a Democrat was. She told me "Democrats are poor people."

I know that some people will say that video represents the fringe. I disagree. I will never vote Republican, either.

A Lewis said...

It's clear. What we've been doing for a very long time has not worked. Nor will it work into the 21st century. Colin Powell put it well today...that we need a "generational change." He's one who can at least see some sort of vision for our global future, our nation's future. We need a widening of attitudes and blowing out of the walls. to open us up to the new, the fresh, the better. And Republicans are not know for doing any of what I just outlined above.

Scooter said...

These morons are the direct result of the flames Palin/McCain fuel at their rallies and the right wing is giddy at seeing these flames fanned.

They are yelling FIRE in a crowded theatre...and someone will die. Who will be to blame?

Iron Fist said...

I guess you can say I was "Republican" growing up, as much as any one in elementary or high school can be considered a member of a political party. It's funny now to look back and realize how conservative San Diego was. I suppose it's the combination of rich people and everyone else seemed to be in the Navy. I don't know.

And about this video...I'm literally embarrassed that these people are allowed to call themselves Americans. I feel like being that ignorant shames us all.

Thomas said...

I'm with you, brother.

Anonymous said...

Yuck. I KNOW it's around, yet damn, that is hard to watch. Horrible.