Monday, September 01, 2008


Anniversary. Free champagne (rose - blech - but Perrier Jouet). Skyy Nursery - I knew it, the mums are out. Hummingbirds. Peacock/Peahen/some other cool bird. Scott back to work on Sunday after nine days of vacation. Nursing dogs who for some reason are fighting a lot. Scott's closing tonight - I hate that. Pasta is almost done. Looks, feels and smells like fall. I need a new book(s) to read when I go to bed - suggestions?


Palm Springs Savant said...

congrats on the anniversary.

Going back to work after vacation is always so tough. At least you are what he can look forward to come home to after those tough days back at work :-)

jewelz916 said...

Try reading Map of's really good! I can't remember the author's name (oops), but I enjoyed the book immensely!