Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Is it really April Fool's Day??

You all know Scott is a big prankster. Remember April Fool's Day last year?

Today, I left for work around 6 a.m. Scott is working late tonight, so he was still in bed when I left. Honestly, I didn't think of what day it was until just before I left for work.

I got home tonight, expecting some typical Scott pranks to have been played on me. I opened the front door extra-carefully. And the refrigerator. And, well ... everything.

Nothing. He didn't do anything to my mouse or keyboard. I haven't found any weird objects in unexpected places. No weird noises coming from anywhere.

As far as I can tell ... he didn't do anything. Grrrr.

I think that was the joke. He got me good.

But I'm still sure that I've just missed something.


Anonymous said...

"But I'm still sure that I've just missed something." And I'm sure he won't tell you until you have encountered the "trick." Good luck!

Scooter said...

The greatest prank the devil ever played was not to pull one...but to sit back and watch.