Saturday, April 26, 2008

... and things that make Matterdays bawl like a big baby.

I know, I know ... this is stilted, and contrived, and superficial, and overwrought ... but in that hyper-1950's way that makes it all okay. With the Super-8 film look and not-quite-realistic colors. It's like a moving Polaroid.

Please ... EVERYBODY gets a little misty-eyed watching this. Everyone human, I mean. If you haven't seen this movie or don't know the story, spoiler is below the clip.

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Okay, the spoiler for those that don't know this movie:

Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr meet on a cruise, and both have pretty Significant Others. But, in this era of overwrought romanticism, they fall in love with each other ... and agree to meet at a later date at the top of the Empire State Building (because it's impossible to miss) if they still have feelings for each other and want to be together. Cary Grant shows up, but Deborah Kerr doesn't ... because as she's rushing to try to get to him, and looking up at the building, she is hit by a car and is paralyzed.

She doesn't want him to know, because she doesn't want him to feel sorry for her - and doesn't want to see him until she can walk to him - so she goes on with her life, teaching music to underpriveleged inner-city children. Yes, this is one of the contrived parts.

Cary tries to continue to be a painter (umm, art - not walls), remembering her urgings - and those of his aunt, with whom they spent time while abroad - and finally he stumbles across her, and somewhat bitterly delivers his aunt's shawl to Deborah, as his aunt wanted her to have it after she died. He has no idea that she was in an accident until ...


I'm such a sappy geek.


Scooter said...

You cut off the best part, you know, where Terry said, "Oh, Nickie. You wouldn't treat me like this if I weren't in this wheelchair...."

Matt said...

But ya ARE, Terry, ya ARE ...

Anonymous said...

do you know i've actually never seen this movie? i should put it on my netflix.