Thursday, June 14, 2007

If we cannot respect our own Government ...

From A Prairie Home Companion's website. I knew there was a reason I still liked Garrison Keillor:

Post to the Host:

This letter is not in anyway made to reprimand PHC but i feel that so many entertainers these days take cheap shots at the current presidential administration. I believe in freedom of speech 100% but there is a time and a place for it. Whether in the spotlight or on the airwaves you all are a role model to people of all ages. If we as Americans cannot respect our own government how can we teach our children and people of other countries to do so as well? Celina T.Jesup, GA

[Garrison Keillor] Thank you, Ms. T., for your endorsement of free speech and I have to agree with your last sentence 100%. If we cannot respect our own government, then how can we teach our children to? Well put.



Fantasy Writer Guy said...

I suggest there's a big difference between respect for an institution and respect for an individual.

I wonder whether your governement or mine has done anything worthy of respect in recent memory. Nothing comes to mind.

I wonder how dangerous respect for government can be? To what degree does respect enable corruption? Perhaps respect should not be blind. Look at the atrocities popular governments have perpetrated around the world.

I suggest there are more critical things to teach your children respect for. Humanity for instance. Life. Freedom. Such a child would be an asset to any community regardless his opinion of his goverment.

I suggest that humanity, life and the concept of freedom are real and that governments are a grotesque fiction that only appear to exist because we agree to imagine that they do.

Lenka said...

Great work.