Sunday, June 03, 2007

Celebrate Diversity?

It's been a while ... but once again, it's time for Matterday's jaw to hit the floor from the absurdity of it all!!!

(Hat tip to Pam):

This is just too much to fathom - street preacher Ruben Israel is crying foul because he has been denied being allowed to march in Chicago's Gay Pride Parade. Apparently, the GLBT community and its' supporters are being hypocritical by discriminating against him and others like him, for not accepting them as who they are, for not showing the tolerance that they demand from others.

Of course, my first thought is - are you freakin' kidding me???? You want to march in a Gay PRIDE Parade in order to spread your hatred and inability to accept reality? And then blame us for being intolerant for laughing in your face? Tell ya what, Mr. Israel - when I and my community are invited into your forums, and you actually listen to us - not just hear us - then maybe, just MAYBE we won't think you're an ignorant, hate-filled, opportunistic blowhard. Do I have an "amen"?

However - in what I hope is seen to be true Matterdays style - I am open to hearing other thoughts. Am I missing something glaringly obvious here? Is this a legal issue? Or just an issue of rationality? Isn't a pride parade a privately-sponsored event, with the right to exclude someone who opposes - no, hates - the sponsored group?



jo said...

*sigh* Does throwing a lawsuit in an organization's face really solve anything? Why can't we live and let live?

Our university participates in the Pride Parade by marching along side our school van and handing out school info in the form of buttons or trinkets. Our CEO is gay. Our school helped sponsor the Gay Games last year.

My daughter loves to attend the Pride Parade. She's straight, but goes with a bi-sexual friend and his girlfriend. She loves it. She's sometimes shocked by the gay community in their dress (or lack of) and behavior during the parade, but enjoys the parade none the less. It is what it is: a celebration of who the gay community is. Whether they are flamboyantly dressed or dressed in suits like our CEO, they are who they are.

I am so tired of people thinking that filing a lawsuit is the best way to solve problems.

That's it from this straight, Christian woman. We come in all kinds, too. I've been told by fellow Christians that I'm wrong, but as I've told them in the past I would rather err on the side of love and acceptance, and find out when I meet Jesus face to face that I was wrong, than to hate now.

Kelly said...


Matt said...

Jo, I love it when you comment ... you hit the nail on the head:

"I would rather err on the side of love and acceptance, and find out when I meet Jesus face to face that I was wrong, than to hate now."

If only everyone understood that idea. You absotively rock, you know?

Lewis said...

Ick. Sort of takes the "Pride" right out of it, doesn't it? What a predicament. I'd love to say that Pride parades are open to anybody and everybody. But how about Fred Phelps? And this dude you've mentioned? I'm really not so sure. And don't have a very good answer. I'd rather be hated for loving than loved for hating.

Scott said...

AMEN X 10,000. Jo's Comment was a great one as well . And have a lil faith in some people my sister was married to a pastor and has the same out look as Jo has......there may not be many like them , but we can take as many as they give us !!
It is indeed refreshing (to say the least)to hear from non judgemental hate filled christians, they are not heard from enough.

Michael said...

First of all "AMEN!"

And as I understand it, any group has the right to deny anyone they want participation in their parades and/or events. So his lawsuit will most likely be thrown out of court. Irish LGBT's in NYC have been denied participation in the St. Patricks Day parade here in New York forever and there is not a single legal thing we can do about it.

Remember, this is a PRIDE parade, Rubin Isreal's message is not one of pride. It is one of hatred, bigotry and prejudice and therefore does not fit the theme of the parade. Suck on that, Isreal!

mist1 said...

I say let him march. But make sure he wears uncomfortable shoes. Blister can make anyone reconsider their politics.

CondoBlogger said...

Of course MIST would find a way to bring it back to shoes! HA!

I'd rather let him march than see anyone spend the money on attorneys to fight any lawsuit he brings. He'll get shouted down all along the route and will probably feel pretty dumb by the end of it.

Having said that, I think that preventing him from marching is not discrimination. It is a PRIDE parade and clearly he is ashamed of his latent homosexuality. :)

Moby said...

I'm all for free speech until you use it to incite violence. He is just hoping to get media attention by doing this.

Moby said...

oops, I posted too quick. I was gonna add, I say let him go. Let people see how hateful and ridiculous these guys are. He pushes more folks our way than his, IMHO.

john said...

Hatred and intolerance in any forum should never be allowed.

Matt said...

Moby - absotively right.