Monday, October 30, 2006

Oh ha ha ha ... it's a sheep ... THAT'S SO FUNNY!!!

I wrote last week about the New Jersey Supreme Court's decision regarding same-sex marriage. Somehow this oh-so-clever cartoon by the undeniably talented Sean Delonas escaped my eye at the time. (I do not disguise sarcasm well - deal, kids). Thanks to Joe.My.God, I saw it today and am echoing his request that, if you do think this is offensive, you let the New York Post know your thoughts. My letter said:

"The recent Sean Delonas cartoon mocking the New Jersey Supreme Court's ruling regarding same-sex marriage is absolutely, horrifically repugnant. To equate homosexuality with bestiality is asinine, juvenile and ignorant. To think that someone would find humor in this, and to publish such bigotry with this belief, underscores the ethics of your publication.

Be assured that people with my beliefs on this - and you apparently underestimate the percentage of this population who have evolved past adolescent trash humor and bigotry - are quite united in our stand to confront hateful items such as this. In a pitiful attempt at comedy and a "Look at me! Aren't I clever?" wink, Mr. Delonas apparently revels in the idea of promoting the hatred, ignorance and divisiveness that are a hallmark of our supposedly evolved country.

Shame on you for supporting this. The assumption is that your publication thinks the same idiotic way. Congratulations on reverting our country's - and our world's - social views to such a backwards mentality. I wish that you would take your views in a more professional direction. I, however, will not be holding my breath."

Before anyone writes me some hate mail - I absolutely support the right to free speech. Mr. Delonas has every right to create his cartoons. My issue is with a well-read publication (and I by no means consider the New York Post to be newsworthy, only popular) supporting such a juvenile and degrading bit of "comedy". I think Mr. Delonas' cartoon (and many of them) are bigoted trash, and any publication that wants to capitalize on this to add to their reader base of adolescents (sorry I keep using the same adjectives - I'm a little pissy about this and am not thinking in a clear, English-major way) is showing their true ethical colors. Anyone in this country has (thankfully) the right to spew their venom. Including (thankfully) me. So that I can go off on what a moronic and hateful asshole one can be in this country and actually get paid for it. And I haven't even started on elected officials.

'Nuff said.

So ... who wants my next post to be happy fluff? :)

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Kevin said...

Although did you see The Simpsons when Homer got his license to marry Selma (or was it Patty -- which is the lesbian?) and her golfer girlfriend? Suddenly he decided to marry anyone who wanted to get married, and it brought forth a whole slew of "couples," including pets and inanimate objects.

Was that funny?