Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 12 of 12

12 of 12 time! You know - Chad's idea. Seriously ... join in next month.

Even though I charged my camera battery the night before ... I forgot about what day it was until that evening. Still time to get some pics in, though. Here we go.

View of the fall sky from the back of the house:

The yard:

Kali's famous "Oh please throw the toy" look:

The koi pond - they're all pretty fat and healthy ... ready for the cold snowy winter predicted:

Rudbekia still blooming:

The shed that needs replacing:

Halloween decorations starting early:

We have lots of seasonal night lights that we put in the kitchen:

The new tile we put in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago (all by oursleves!):

Halloween again:

Hunter, in profile:


That's it, y'all. We're having a little party on Halloween night if ya'll wanna stop by!


A Lewis said...

I had no idea that bananas were Halloween decorations. I should pay more attention, I guess.

Anonymous said...

If we didn't have munchkins to walk around the neighborhood, we'd make the trek over for the party. Maybe someday. Sounds like fun! Love your decorations.

Sunny Archibald said...

Even though you waited until evening, you still came up with some fun pictures. I love your Halloween decorations. Did you know that if you like sort of green bananas (which I do), you can put them in the refrigerator when they're as ripe as you want them and they'll quit ripening? Their skins may look funny, but they don't get nasty on the inside. That's my home ec lesson for the day, not that you asked for one. "-)

lovesmukiwa said...

I love the photos. I missed 12 of 12 this month, but love your pictures as always.

madhouse 6 said...

i should bring lucy over for a puppy playdate

Dogeared said...

I like the Halloween decorations! I read a story on BBC about how some Americans go all out on decorating, like fake bodies and stones in the gardens, bats, etc. Made me think of you two!

The Kali "please throw this" look seems a lot like she's hunting the ball, like a Pointer!

Sorry for the late comment – I also posted my 12 of 12 late, doh!

Helen (Dogeared)