Monday, September 13, 2010

September 12 of 12

Again, I'm late. Meh.

These pictures were all taken on Sunday, September 12, 2010 in Seattle, WA. Do it next month.

The back yard and pond from the upstairs deck.

This unbelievably incredible book that I'm (slowly) reading.

Rudbeckia blooming in the backyard. Summer and fall flower.

Lantana. Tropical-ish, one of Scott's favorite plants. Purty.

The yard and house from the end of the yard. Kali would like you to throw her toy for her, please.

Kitty's memorial.

Rusty, falling-apart pink flamingo wind ornament we got in Hawaii a few years ago. I really do like it better the more it ages. Kitschier.

Gardenias, which don't bloom in Seattle. Heh.

Lots of happy koi in the pond.

Looking at the yard from the deck. The light is much farther south these days.

Your host, Me.

We had hoped to be a part of this flash mob today. Maybe next time.

Thanks for visiting my 12 of 12. Y'all come back now, here?



lovely yard. must be nice to have a green thumb...

Sizzle said...

I want to do the flash mob next time too. I wasn't free this time. Boo!

TJ said...

Thanks for sharing your 12 of 12 photos. I really like the one with the plant on the chair and all of the flowers are beautiful. Again thanks for sharing your day and I look forward to next month

Anonymous said...

Man, I love looking at your yard! Mine feels so inadequate, but as I'm not about to fix it, I'll happily gaze at yours.

I hope you threw Kali's ball for her. :)

Jill said...

Kali! Here, Kali! Want the toy? Do ya? Do ya? Yes you do!
Here ya go!



Pete said...

Hey Matt, sorry it's taken me a few days to comment it has been mad crazy over here!

As always the outside is looking lovely, and those koi are pretty happy too.
Well done for spotting I DID actually include a food photo on mine after all, and I never even realised that. Must be subliminal :)

Dogeared said...

Hey where is Scott this month? Hope you're both OK and all the pets too :D

Love the lantana plant too - very pretty!

(sorry my comment is late!)

Martini Dan said...

Your yard looks wonderful an very peaceful. I like all your flowers but I too like lantana too. It grows wild down here in FL. Thanks for sharing your day in photos and sorry I'm so late with comments.

madhouse 6 said...

r.i.p kitty - that made me sad :(