Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 12 of 12

Let's pretend it's still the 12th, shall we? So that I'm in time for 12 of 12? Alrighty then. Here we go.

First off - some of you know that we had to let go of our beloved dog Kitty last weekend. So while my first picture this month was not taken on the 12th - too bad. She was my baby, and Scott's baby, and we're devastated - so I'm breaking the rules a bit to show you what a beautiful, soulful, sweet girl she was.

Now, from today. Heading to work. I hate getting stuck behind the electric buses. Oh well.

Heading up (but downhill) Boren Avenue toward my office. Queen Anne Hill in the background.

The Four Columns Park looking from Capitol Hill toward downtown.

After work - Joe Jetta faithfully waiting for me in the garage.

Our neighbor Tom kidnapped us on Saturday to rebuild the fence between the front of our houses and make it into a wire trellis for some climbing plants. We spent most of late Saturday and a few hours on Sunday working on it. It was exactly what we needed to keep us busy.

The koi pond from the upstairs balcony. Everything's growing in and filling out. You can (and always will) see the paths the dogs wear down heading to the grass in back to do their bi'ness.

The memorial we made for Kitty in the back yard, where we buried her collar and tags and burned the receipt from the vet clinic.

Rhododendrons blooming at the back of the yard.

Our bat houses, which have never attracted bats.

Kali, waiting for us to throw the toy that she placed on the bench. Her eyes aren't always closed.

Stoli, looking for a treat. She's sad these days.

Thanks for visiting ... I'll be more upbeat next month. Really.


A Lewis said...

You boys (and the pooches!) have had quite the week. Still thinking of you all.

Joni said...

You are always one of my favorite 12 of 12ers to visit, I feel like I really know you, and so I'm aching with you guys over the loss of Kitty. :-( The memorial you made was really nice.

And if you are ever up for being kidnapped to Atlanta, my yard needs some work too. :-)

Cathy said...

(Hi guys, it's me Tom but I think I'm signed in on Cathy's account.)

So sad Kitty's gone and I miss her, but at the same time it's been nice to see all these photos of her and your other ultra-photogenic dogs lately! When I see them in person ('in dog'?) they're Kitty and Stoli and Kali, but in photos they always make me think of William Wegman's Weimaraners. I bet your dogs would probably submit to being dressed up like American Gothic too.


Pete said...

I'm so sorry about Kitty Matt, with you and Dan losing faithful friends this month it's a bit of a sad time.
But nice to see some Seattle sun this month, and your memorial is a lovely reminder.

Much love to you, Scott, Kali and Stoli from us.

Dogeared said...

I agree with what everyone else has said - I love seeing your and Scott's 12s, and although this one had sadness, it's lovely to see your other dogs who an hopefully bring you both some cheer.


Martini Dan said...

Matt, a very nice and moving 12 of 12. So sorry about your loss. Your garden and koi pond are looking great. That is a very special memorial for Kitty you guys made. Hugs to you, Scott, Kali and Stoli.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I'm still catching up from being away...sorry about Kitty. I feel for you. Hang in there.

Princessa lil mexico said...

Yard work is tough here in Seattle. Whether it be sunny or rain!

TJ said...

I'm really late at posting, especially seeing that there will be a new batch of photos out like tomorrow. So, first I hope you are finding some happiness now in your life after your loss. It is never easy but hopefully along with your partner and the other animals in your life you'll be able to move forward. Second I enjoyed your photos. I really like the one with Kali waiting by the bench and the Rhododendrons are nice. So, thanks for sharing and I look forward to next months, which as we both know, won't be to long off now.