Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12 of 12

Via Chad, who says this is the last year of 12 of 12. I think there may be someone who will take over.

These pictures were all taken on Tuesday, January 12, 2010 in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Rain. In January. Yaaay, Seattle.

Coming to work. Upstairs.

Leaving work. Downstairs.

Heading home. Dark.

Is there another kind? (This USED to be a theater, it's now a drugstore. May explain a bit..)

Waiting at a stoplight. The rain was causing my camera to focus on the window. That, or I'm not camera-smart.

Stoli's dinner. I always give her extra protein at night. She's getting old and frail.

And she snarfs it down. (Those dark spots on her back are water from all the rain).

Still life with wine. Don't mind if I do.

Hunter cat, bright eyes. (Every now and then he falls apart ... )

Dinner. Actually not bad for dried tortellini.

I think the original rules were that you had to have at least a partial picture of yourself in your 12 of 12 pics. Here's a scruffy exhausted Matterdays.

Happy 12 of 12!!!


LSL said...

Don't mind if I do :)

You look great, Matt. And so does Hunter and Stoli. I like your 12 of 12s.

Pete said...

Just a minute...hold the phone. Rain in Seattle?!?!

That's what I was missing, wine! Such a welcoming friend after a hard day.

Oh the ducking stool thing on my 12 Matt, it's from ye olde times..


jo said...

Laughing at the musical reference in the post...

Always love your pics, cousin. Always.

Coaster Punchman said...

I like these.

Sunny Archibald said...

I sure hope someone takes over. I'd miss all my 12-er friends. Another great post, and I'm proud of you for taking the stairs! Hugs to your critters.

Jill said...

That movie "Gal Milk" sounds fascinating! tee hee

Thanks for sharing your (rainy) day. Happy New Year!
- Jill

Curtis said...

Such a good looking fella'.

Martini Dan said...

Thanks for sharing your day. My dog would love it if she could get extra protein now and then. The movie theater/drug store was great!

Dogeared said...

I've asked Chad if he's happy for me to gather everyone's links each month, when he finishes. I'm happy to - I've done 12 of 12 for so long, it'd feel weird not to do it!

You look after Stoli well - and I think for the end of a work day, you look good!

Sorry I've not commented yet - crazy time with work and moving flats!

madhouse said...

so handsome.